The days of “To whom it may concern” are long over. Today’s audiences demand personal and predictive advertising; anything else just gets ignored.

Our PersonaLink processes are literally the state of the art. We’ve sourced incredibly fast, incredibly smart printers that can customize your mailing or printing so that it speaks right to your audience of one. (No matter how many “ones” are in that audience!)

By taking your mailing list and combining it with our technology we can create incredibly customized and intimate printed pieces that speak personally to your individual customers rather than to a broad audience as a whole.

Typical PersonaLink services include:

  • Customized direct mailings.
  • Direct to paper customized leave-behinds and commodity pieces.
  • Art direction and assistance to create a higher capture rate on mailings.

Contact us today to learn how we can improve the capture rate on your printed sales collateral.