Courseware Development

You have clients. You have employees. You have a need for education. A smarter employee is a better one, and a more knowledgable client is one who purchases more.

Many of our competitors can print books. Some can even produce interactive digital multimedia to supplement the education process. But how many can do both as well as work with you to develop
the courseware?

True to our nature, ADR works with our clients to create new material to educate those targets you designate. Using digital media and physical media, we work with you to design, program and create instructional media for both instructor-led and self-paced multimedia and interactive courseware development. We have smart and long-learned people on staff who understand how humans best acquire knowledge. This, combined with our ability to create multimedia, makes us a powerful force when it comes to educating your chosen demographic.

Typical Courseware Development Tasks Include:

  • Creating or supplementing industry specific educational materials.
  • Creating illustrations, animations, or multimedia interactive pieces to drive the lesson home.
  • Media production including textbook, presentation, disc, and jump drive.

Contact us today to learn how we can make your courseware smarter and more affordable!